Giglio Island: things to see


Welcome to the enchanting island of Giglio, a small natural paradise (with an area of 24km², about 8.3km long and 4.7km wide), located within the Tuscan Archipelago, where every corner tells stories of sea, nature and centuries-old traditions.

For those who are wondering. what to see in Giglio Island, get ready to discover a world where the beauty of nature blends with a rich historical and cultural heritage.

From its pristine beaches to its quaint villages and trails, Giglio Island offers an extremely diverse variety of experiences.

Whether you are a history buff, nature lover or simply looking for an oasis of peace, Visiting the island of Giglio represents an unforgettable experience.

Get ready to discover, with this in-depth study designed by Le Crociere del Sole, everything interesting to see on Giglio Island.

What are the most beautiful beaches to see at Giglio Island?

Those who visit Giglio do so primarily for the interesting beaches they can find once they arrive at their destination.

In all honesty we can't think of ranking which beaches are the most beautiful and interesting: each of them has its merits and are definitely worth a visit.

If anything, it is more correct to say that there are beaches that are better known to mass tourism, and others that are less known, as they are more hidden.

Campese, Cannelle and Caldane

Focusing, first of all, on the most well-known beaches, we cannot but start with the Campese beach, located in the tourist heart of the island, which embodies the essence of beach life on Giglio Island.

This beautiful bay, framed by an imposing stacks and the historic Campese Tower, reveals a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical richness.

His reddish sands, which stretch along the northwest side of the island, offer a mix of free and equipped spaces, making Campese an ideal destination for both relaxation and entertainment.

During the feast of St. Roch in August, the atmosphere comes alive with music and fireworks display, showing a festive and welcoming face of the island.

Cannelle Beach, with its bright white sand, is a paradise for families. Located on the eastern slope looking toward the Argentario Promontory, this beach is loved for its crystal clear sea and serene atmosphere.

Equipped with bathing facilities and free spaces, represents an indispensable stage for those who want to find out what to do on Giglio Island in a relaxed, family-friendly setting.

Not far away, there is the Arenella beach, famous for its unspoiled beauty. This beach, with a mix of sand and pebbles, invites true immersion in the island's marine nature, with clear waters making it an ideal place for relaxation and underwater exploration.

Finally, the Caldane beach, accessible via a scenic path, offers a more intimate and peaceful experience. Its slightly more isolated location makes it perfect for those seeking a retreat from the tourist hustle and bustle, allowing them to fully experience the tranquility and natural beauty of Giglio Island.

Lesser-known coves to see on Giglio Island

As we have mentioned, when you choose to visit Giglio Island, you should not stop only at the most well-known beaches.

Along the coast it is possible to reach, through the various paths scattered throughout the area, a series of more secluded but equally interesting coves, which will allow one to take a break and a swim without finding oneself in the midst of the chaos of summer mass tourism.

We begin our journey from Pertuso Cove., a small inlet located to the left of Giglio Campese beach.

The name "Pertuso" comes from its small size, reminiscent of a pertugio. This piece of paradise can only be reached on foot, with about a 15-minute walk, or by boat.

Pertuso Cove is ideal for those seeking tranquility and breathtaking views away from the hustle and bustle of the larger Campese Beach. Its seabed is spectacular, offering a unique experience for sea lovers.

We then discover Pozzarelli, a unique place named after an ancient freshwater hot spring.

Located about a 25-minute walk from Campese (reached by path or boat), it is right next to the Faraglione rock, and is a beach composed of rounded stones of different sizes, the "ghiaiole," typical of the island.

Two other interesting coves that are easy to walk to from Giglio Porto are. Emerald Cove and Capomarino Point. 

In the recently opened Arenella area, we can also find. Pigeon Cove. From here it is reached on foot by a path from the road leading to Arenella. The path can be walked in about 20 minutes.

At the end of the path there are smooth rocks on which you can lie comfortably. From here it is easy to swim to Arenella beach and Cove Cupa, one of the most beautiful coves on the island located on the east coast behind the Lazzaretto promontory.

Flanking the Pozzarelli is Cala dell'Allume., which has a special charm due to its connection to the island's history. Its name comes from the characteristic clay rock of which the entire Franco promontory is composed: alumite. The presence of this very ferrous rock was the reason why a mine was opened here in the early 1900s, the entrance to which is still visible from the Pertuso beach.

This cove is accessible on foot or by boat, distinguished by its dark rocks and large pebble beach, accompanied by seabed of rare beauty.

Finally, Crow Cove offers a unique sea experience. It is named after the crows that once nested in this area. It is a large cove of boulders and rocks, accessible only by boat, where visitors can immerse themselves in an extraordinary natural environment. At Cala del Corvo you can snorkel by going inside its famous cave.

What are the villages to see on Giglio Island?

What if you are looking for an alternative to the classic beach day? You can always consider a visit to the 3 villages on Giglio Island: Giglio Porto, Campese and Cannelle!

Giglio Porto

Giglio Porto, the first port of call for those arriving on the island, is a picturesque and colorful village, a perfect example of harbor village architecture.

Its multicolored houses, once a symbol of recognition for sailors returning from sea, give the village a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Right in the heart of this port location you can admire the Saracen Tower, dating back to the 16th century. This place is ideal for beginning the island's discovery by walking along its busy waterfront with its many stores.

Interesting to recall how at Giglio Porto. was located in ancient times a Roman settlement, precisely where the entire Saracen or Ban Saracen area is now located.

Here the Romans had a luxurious villa at the Castellari, there was the Roman Port on which part of the island's current commercial harbor was later built.

Also in this area of the Port Cetareas can be seen, ancient tanks used for fish breeding.

The Roman Villa belonged to the Domizi/Enobarbi family is sister to the Roman Villa on Giannutri and the Villa that the same family owned on Monte Argentario. The Domizi/Enobarbi family was the family from which Emperor Nero was born, who at a young age spent his vacations on the island of Giglio.

Giglio Castle

Continuing into the interior of the island, we reach Giglio Castello, located in an elevated position and considered one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy."

This ancient medieval settlement, rich in history and culture, offers exceptional panoramic views of the island and the surrounding sea.

The Rocca Aldobrandesca dominates the town, built in a typical medieval style, with a compact and characteristic urban fabric.

The history of Giglio Castello has ancient origins and has seen the passage of important noble families such as the Aldobrandeschi, Caetani and Orsini.

A visit to Giglio Castello is an immersion in Mediterranean scents and atmosphere, a journey through the centuries in what is surely the most fascinating village on the island.

Lily Campese

Finally, Giglio Campese, located on the western side of the island, is the paradise for lovers of water sports, especially Windsurfing, precisely because the Campese Bay is very large. The special feature of Campese is the fact that the beach is right next to it; you don't need to use the car to go to the beach.

With winds blowing from the south, Campese Bay is the ideal place to ride the waves and experience the thrill of the open sea.

In addition, Giglio Campese is renowned for its spectacular sunsets, tinting the sky with vivid colors and offering moments of pure magic.

This hamlet, with its cozy bay and sea-oriented activities, is a must for those who visit Giglio Island and want a dynamic and full of life experience.

Visiting Giglio Island by discovering its trails

From one of the paths on Giglio Island it is possible to get to the well-known Capel Rosso Lighthouse

Are you fond of trekking? A good way to visit the island of Giglio is. Discover it through its network of trails. 

Originally used as mule tracks by local farmers to transport agricultural products by donkeys, these trails have been renovated and marked, turning into ideal routes for nature and cultural excursions.

There are about thirty different routes, which run along the entire perimeter of the island and through the hinterland, connecting major locations such as Giglio Castello, Giglio Porto, Campese and the Spiaggia delle Cannelle.

These trails offer, not only the possibility of Reaching lesser-known, quiet beaches, ideal for moments of relaxation and snorkeling, but also for immerse yourself in the maquis, admiring breathtaking landscapes and discovering hidden corners of the island.

Important to remember that to enjoy these hikes to the fullest, it is essential to wear appropriate footwear, carry at least 1.5 liters of water, food, and comfortable clothing suitable for the climate.

In summer, it is also advisable to Take advantage of the cooler morning or afternoon hours and pay attention to routes, as cellular signal may be weak or completely absent in some areas.

How many days does it take to visit the island of Giglio?

To fully experience what the island has to offer, a 3-5 day stay is ideal.

This time frame certainly allows for: 

  • immerse yourself in the variety of its beaches, from the most well-known and accessible to the most hidden and quiet ones, accessible only by sea or through trekking trails;
  • Set aside time to visit the three main villages;
  • discover its unspoiled nature, on foot or by bicycle;
  • Fully enjoy relaxation and detachment from the daily routine.

What if you have a single day?

If you find yourself short on time, don't worry! Our company, The Sun Cruises offers the perfect solution for your needs.

April to September inclusive, we organize day trips and mini-cruises, designed specifically for those who only have one day to discover the best of the main islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, such as the Giglio and Giannutri.

Imagine setting sail from Porto Santo Stefano, leaving your daily routine behind, to immerse yourself in the natural and historical beauty of Giglio.

With The Sun Cruises, every detail is designed to Provide you with a unique and comprehensive experience, from the convenience of travel to the activities offered on the island.

And all this in a single day, to enable even those with limited time to enjoy a memorable experience at Giglio Island.

Excursions and single-day mini-cruises to Giglio, departing from Porto Santo Stefano

Le Crociere del Sole offers, departing from Porto Santo Stefano, three options for visiting Giglio Island and Giannutri.


Giglio Island

Guided by experienced instructors, you will discover the island's breathtaking seabed, inhabited by vibrant marine life.

This activity not only offers The opportunity to explore the underwater richness of Giglio, but also to enjoy its charming coves and beaches, where you can relax and take a refreshing swim.

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Minicruise Giglio Giannutri

One more chance to visit in one day, not only the island of Giglio, but also Giannutri! 

We also carry out a Giglio-Giannutri mini-cruise with stops of several hours, both at Giglio and Giannutri, which will give you The opportunity to enjoy the beautiful local beaches And to take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear sea.

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Discovering Giannutri: hidden treasures

Discovering Giannutri, accompanied by an Official Guide of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, through nature trails and reaching remote coves.

The trekking route is designed to offer a complete view of the island, with stops at exclusive coves for moments of relaxation and to enjoy Giannutri's crystal clear waters.

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The other excursions we organize, departing from Giglio Porto!

What if you are already in Giglio Porto for your vacation and are looking for excursions that will allow you to spend a different day?

The company Le Crociere del Sole organizes as many as 2 types of daily excursions, with destination Giannutri Island!

Roman villa of Giannutri

This excursion will take you discovering the Roman Villa of Giannutri, an archaeological site of great importance dating back to the second century AD. The villa, once the property of the noble Roman family of the Domizi Enobarbi, is located near Cala Maestra.

The tour is A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Roman history and admire the ancient structures, including the ingenious architecture and artistic remains.

A visit to the villa offers a Fascinating look at life in Roman times, enriched by the expert guidance of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

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Snorkeling on the Island of Giannutri

For lovers of the sea and underwater exploration, the snorkeling excursion to Giannutri Is an experience not to be missed.

Accompanied by experienced guides, you can dive into the island's crystal clear waters and explore the biodiversity-rich seabed.

This activity offers The opportunity to admire the local marine flora and fauna up close, discovering an underwater world of extraordinary beauty.

Giannutri's waters are known for their clarity, making the snorkeling experience even more magical and unforgettable.

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