On-board services

On-board services on Le Crociere del Sole mini cruises

Those who choose to Participate in a mini cruise organized by Maregiglio, with Le Crociere del Sole (to Giglio Island or Giannutri) will benefit from high-quality services designed to make the sea voyage as enjoyable as possible.Here is a brief list of onboard services available on our Motorship Revenge, which we use for the mini cruise service.

Services offered with Le Crociere del Sole mini cruises

On the Motorship Revenge there is a free Wi-Fi, which allows passengers to stay connected throughout navigation.

Service A fully stocked bar in every bridge.In addition, our company smoothly welcomes passengers with reduced mobility. To facilitate access to Giglio Island and Giannutri for people with mobility difficulties, we offer a series of support services and assistance, provided by our staff both on board and ashore.

We also provide vehicles and equipment to ensure better mobility throughout the journey.

Additional services present

In mini-cruises, onboard services are further enhanced to To offer a unique experience to our guests.

On our motor vessel there is a entertainment service, ready to entertain passengers for the duration of the crossing.

On board, you will also find a experienced environmental guide and a Tuscan Archipelago National Park Guide, available to provide information on the ecosystem and natural attractions of the islands visited.

Lunch aboard the Motorship Revenge

One of the services most appreciated by our passengers is the ability to having lunch aboard the Motorship Revenge.

The proposed lunch consists of a tasty seafood menu, prepared with fresh ingredients and following the best traditions of seafood cuisine. The dishes, simple but delicious, are cooked by the crew and served in generous portions, just like in the best galleys.

Any allergies, intolerances or specific dietary needs can be communicated at the time of booking so that all requests can be met.

On-Board Menu

Pescatora Risotto

Fried squid and shrimps

Fruit tart or ice cream

Wine and Water included